What Are The Parts Of The Fender Bass Guitar

The Fender bass is a solid, competent product. It shares many design similarities with the Stratocaster and Squier, and the parts are representative of most basic four-string bass models. Listed below are the parts of a Fender bass guitar. Get your new though best cheap electric guitars reviews


Fender Guitar Parts : The Head and Neck of the Bass

If one is to start with guitar bass parts at the top, one must start with the head and neck. Fender bass guitars tend to have a rather distinctive neck, similar in most aspects to an enlarged version of the Stratocaster or Squire headstock.

Like a guitar, the head features tuners; unlike a guitar, there are generally only four tuners on a bass. The third and fourth strings are separated by a large circular string guide, which helps to guide the longer strings to the neck.

Separating the head and neck is the nut; the nut is of relatively little importance, but it does mark the joining of the head and neck. All guitar necks are covered by a think wooden strip called a “fret board”, marked every so often with a dot.

The strings rest slightly above the fretboard, and continue down onto the body of the instrument.

Fender Guitar Parts: The Body of the Bass

When it comes to guitar and bass parts, the body is where serious modifications are made. Your standard electric bass will have a solid body, generally covered partially with a pickguard.

This guard helps the guitarist to avoid scratching his or her guitar’s body while playing. Roughly in the middle of the body will be the pickups (most Fender models have two), the devices that “pick up” the vibrations of the strings and transmit that sound to the amplifier.

The strings terminate at the end of the body, raised by the bridge and terminating at the saddle and tailpiece.

Fender bass guitars tend to have a few other pieces, most of which are related to the utility purposes of the instrument. The body of most guitars includes two strap buttons (one at the top, one at the bottom) so that the owner of the instrument may more easily play standing.


As with any sort of electric guitars, a bass also includes an input jack to run a line from the guitar to the amplifier, as well as controls for the tone of the instrument and the volume.

These additions are standard on every Fender bass, and the placement is nearly identical to that found on a standard Fender guitar.

Secrets to Dog Training

Like many dog owners, there are probably times when you wish your dog was better behaved. In fact, you may be wishing that most of the time!

There are many systems that claim to be able to help you train your dog. Daniel Stevens’ Secrets to Dog Training is probably the best known of all of the dog training systems that you can get online. But is it what you need? Does it work for real owners and their dogs? I’m going to take a look at the issues and see whether this can help you resolve them.


What’s in Secrets to Dog Training

When you download the system you’ll get:

  • The 260-page downloadable manual setting out Daniel Stevens’ system for training your dog
  • A 30 minute ‘quick start’ video introducing you to the system
  • Access to a private members’ forum where you can ask questions about your own dog, chat with other members and consult with the Secrets to Dog Training team.

Being able to ask questions is very beneficial and not something that you would get if you just bought a book or ebook on how to train your dog. All dogs are different and our lives are different. It’s important to be able to get feedback on your dog’s individual behaviour patterns and circumstances.

What other dog owners said

When you visit the site you’ll see a lot of feedback from past customers. For example,

“In the months since we got and read the books [Jack] has become a different dog! … We have taken him from the most difficult, messed up dog, almost deliberately awful to a great member of our family.” – Cara McLean

“What I like about your book is that you give insights into what the dog is thinking, why they behave the way they do, and tips on what to do to correct the problem.” – Carla J. Johnson

“I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their animals.” – Lyn Spain

Of course, they show the best ones there but this is a tried and tested system that’s been very popular online for a number of years now.

I like the fact that there is a private members’ forum where you can sort out any issues that you may have with your own dog. After-sales support is one of the most important points with any purchase, especially when you’re buying online.

Why not go to dog obedience classes

Dog obedience classes can be helpful but there’s a danger that both you and the dog will think of training as being something that only happens in a certain place at a certain time. It’s easier to avoid that if you use a system that stresses training in everyday life with your dog.

One of Daniel Stevens’ strongest points is that we are training our dogs all of the time, whether we intend to or not. It’s vital to recognise that if you want your dog to adjust his or her behaviour.

You may have heard this before

Secrets to Dog Training has a lot of specific advice like this. Some of it, you will probably have heard before. But other points could bring about an ‘aha’ moment that could make a big difference to the way you and your dog relate.

For example, there’s information on toilet training your dog. Maybe that’s not something your dog has a problem with. I think it’s still worth reading that section because you can pick up little snippets as well as getting a good overview of the attitude that Daniel suggests you take with your dog.

With a system like this, it’s important not to write it off just because you see some familiar ideas. The point is that it’s not enough to know what you should be doing with your dog. You need something that actually makes you do it!

If that’s your situation, Secrets to Dog Training could work very well for you. You might love to know service dog training here

Don’t expect your dog to change overnight

It’s important to keep this in mind when you start on Daniel Stevens’ system: it’s not going to work instantly. After all, if your dog was that easy to train, you wouldn’t have a problem.

It won’t work if you get frustrated or impatient and start trying to cut corners or apply some other system that you’ve found. The number one rule in dog training is to be consistent. You need to keep doing the same thing over and over … and over!

If you’re prepared to do that, then the benefits for both you and your dog could be huge. One of the best things that you’ll hear from people who have successfully trained their dog is how much happier the dog is. When they know what you want them to do, they just feel so much more secure.

Where to buy Secrets to Dog Training

If you want access to the members’ forum you must get Secrets to Dog Training from the official Kingdom of Pets website. This is the only way you can ask questions of Daniel Stevens, his staff and other dog owners who’ve had success with the system.

You’re going to need to be able to ask questions. There might be something you don’t understand, something that doesn’t seem to be working or perhaps your dog or your own situation is special in some way. So make sure you get that, it’s an important benefit.

The bottom line

All the evidence suggests that Secrets to Dog Training is a solid dog training system that works. With the added benefit of the forum, you should have a good chance of adjusting the behavior of even the most difficult dog if you apply the system consistently. The price is reasonable and you get instant access so you can start using it right away. More information at http://petstraininghq.com

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Humidifier

A lot of things can go wrong when buying a humidifier and if you don’t research well and know all your options, you are likely to end up with a machine that is either useless or doesn’t work ideally. A good humidifier is worth several hundreds of dollars. So, if you end up buying a wrong one, there will be huge regrets. Here, are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a humidifier for baby’s room.

humidifier mistake

Not considering the coverage area of the humidifier

The coverage area is certainly an important factor to consider especially if it means you end up buying a humidifier that is too small for the area you hope to cover. Buying one that is too big is a problem since it will cause condensation to appear on the inside of the windows, which will be the ideal place for bacteria and mold to grow. While getting a humidifier that is too small is again a problem as you will end up working it too hard and still not get the moisture you require. It is recommended that you take the room’s measurement before buying a humidifier to determine the correct room size you are looking a humidifier for.

Not comparing prices of different humidifiers

You don’t necessarily have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a good humidifier that works well and solves all the problems that spring up due to low humidity levels. Be smart and compare the prices, features, and customer reviews of different humidifiers.

Forgoing the features that are small but highly convenient

You may be tempted to pay a few dollars less and forgo those small features like night light and medicine cups, which don’t look important. However, when you start using it, you will be thankful for these ultra-convenient features.

Not looking for a built-in hygrometer and humidistat

When it comes to increasing the humidity level, it is important to have just the right amount of moisture. Too much moisture or too little moisture can both cause problems. Hence, a built in hygrometer is a really helpful feature as it lets you know the humidity level in the room and allows you to control the moisture output accordingly using the humidistat. These features will come for an extra price but which is totally worth it.

Not considering the tank size

The tank size is another important feature to consider as it determines how often you will need to refill it. Most people tend to buy the smallest humidifier they can find to save space but they overlook the size of the tank ending up with a machine that requires frequent refills, which is highly inconvenient.


Not inspecting the unit to see how easy it is to use

Are you buying it online? If yes, go to a local electronics shop and inspect the unit before you buy it online. There will be things you won’t like about it and if you check it after it gets delivered to you, you will have to go through the hassle of returning it. When inspecting, particularly check how easy it is to lift off the tank and refill it. Some tanks won’t sit in the sink while others will.

Not considering the noise of the unit

The product description and customer reviews will tell you whether a unit is quiet or loud. But it is always a good thing to check the noise level yourself by going to a local shop. Some humidifiers can be really loud and disturb you during sleep; so this is an important thing to check.

Not including the price of maintenance in the cost

Remember, changing filters periodically is very important for healthy moisture and to reduce the chances of bacteria and mold growing in your home and in the humidifier. Hence, when looking at the cost of the unit, add up the cost of replacement filters and any other cleaning accessories like a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. And make sure to order a couple extra filters with your unit.

Keep the above factors in mind and go on and buy the best humidifier for baby’s room.

USB Chargers

Ever wonder what technology had done for us to make our lives easier? The answer is, a lot. An example of the product of technology is the USB chargers or the commonly known powerbanks.

usb chargers

Some say, life is always better with technology. Well, this new invention proved it right. These powerbanks are very useful in a whole lot of ways. Though USB chargers or powerbanks are expensive, they are actually cheap in the long run and will give you tons of benefits than you could ever imagine.

So, how does it actually benefit you? If you are a student, you do a lot of things. Study, do household chores and sideline on your extracurricular activities in your organization. You only have little time left to do ‘other’ things that needs to be done. In simple words, you need to save time doing the ‘other’ little things and true enough; these USB chargers will help you save your precious time.

These USB chargers are very handy; they help students bring their gadgets anywhere without worrying for the gadget to die on the way. Students can study and still have their phone or other gadgets charging just behind their books or study materials. They can do some household chores, putting their phone in their pockets while charging, for easy reach.

Travelers also benefit to these kinds of chargers. It allows them to connect to their world while they are out exploring other worlds. It updates them with their wrok while they are out travelling and it helps them communicate to their loved ones anytime, anywhere.

These handy chargers do not only benefit students and travelers, it also gives convenience to everyone who purchases it. It is very effective in saving one’s time and it also help someone multi-task efficiently.

Powerbanks are convenient in most ways. The only thing about powerbanks is that, as said in this article, it is expensive. It may be expensive when purchasing it but it is actually cost-efficient in the long run. It is like investing for something that you will surely profit from. Some powerbanks sold in the market are cheaper but the trusted ones are expensive but has better quality than ones sold at a cheaper price. Whatever kind of USB charger you may choose to buy, you surely will benefit from it.

These USB chargers are not only efficient in saving time, it is also eco-friendly and user-friendly. This innovation of science made gadget-life easier and more convenient.

5 reasons your car battery will die soon

Of course car batteries have a shelf life of their own, but sometimes it may just be imminent that your car battery is going to die soon. What are those circumstances and how do we predict them accurately so as to prevent such a situation from affecting your mobility? Click here

In this article, we look at 5 reasons or circumstances that point towards your car battery dying soon, which will give you a very good heads up on planning ahead.

Lights left on

batteryOne of the most common reasons that can point towards your car battery dying soon (unless of course it is dead already!) is leaving lights, especially headlights on for a prolonged period, say overnight. In case you have inadvertently done so, be prepared for a dead battery.

Other power draining points

Lights such as headlights are only one of the potential power drainers. Other instances include the glove compartment light, the trunk light, cigarette lighter (especially if you have gadgets plugged into it), and the radio or car stereo which may have been left running for long while the car ignition was not on. To predict if your car battery is going to die soon, you need to check if any of these situations apply in your case.

General old age

As mentioned right at the outset, car batteries have a shelf life of their own. Typically it is about 5 years though things may vary either way. Yet, it would be useful for you to bear in mind that once such a time frame has passed, it is quite possible that your car battery dies.


Sulphation refers to lead crystals accumulating on battery plates, preventing car batteries from charging optimally. If this happens over a prolonged period of time, it is quite possible that your car battery might suffer a premature demise.

Weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions, especially put a strain on car batteries particularly severe winter. So if you happen to be in a bitterly cold clime, be prepared for the unforeseen expiration of your car battery.


There are many factors or situations that could lead to your car battery draining. Here we have discussed some of the most common reasons that a car battery would die soon. But its not an issue that cannot be solved and you can easily make it safe by using a car battery tender or a battery charger to make it work again. Read the best cheap car batteries reviews to choose the best one

Different Purposes of Using a DieHard Battery

DieHard Battery is one of the best battery still today because of it’s long life. Cars mostly outlast their batteries, but this brand still gives one of the best performances. It isn’t hindered even in bitter cold weather. Even though these batteries are one of the most expensive out there, considering that they will last longer than any other battery in the market will usually get your money’s worth. click here to see more best car battery charger reviews to get other best one.

die hard batteryIn addition to the long life and consistent performance of these batteries, another reason people like this one with them is because it give huge benefits,   when at work you can deploy its power for a wide range of various tasks easily and without any compromise to the quality of the charge.


  1. Power – If you want the absolute best battery the market has to offer, you will probably look in the section of DieHard. This brand offers, Platinum Automotive Batteries which are probably the best of the brand. These batteries are really powerful and efficient. If you are one of those power hungry folks, this has got it all to fulfill your hunger. These are the best for pick-up trucks and SUV’s. Such technology is used in these batteries that make them maintenance free, guaranteeing longer life, better reserve capacity and trustworthy starting power.
  2. Electronic Accessories – If you’ve owned a car which is filled with accessories, then you’ve also heard the warning not to use them for long or not to use them while the engine is switched off. Although the Platinum Automotive Batteries can’t run your accessories forever, they are the best batteries to consider if you own a car full of different electronic accessories and you can run them for some time when needed. This battery can run your accessories wen there is an urgent need to use them and need to get a power supply.
  3. Storage – If you are one of those folks who like to collect vintage cars or collectible vehicles, you may also know such cars get a long off season storage time. Other batteries deteriorate over time of inactivity, but DieHard batteries are not prone to such factors. These batteries are not made to suffer because of periods of inactivity. They will hopefully maintain their performance even after long storage times. Though it is better not to keep your vehicles for a longer period still if you have a diehard battery you can store it for a considerable amount of time without having issues in it performance.
  4. Alkaline Batteries – DieHard also produces alkaline cells. These are tested to provide superior performance compared to the competition. These are the best for any type of task, whether you require cells for general usage or the most demanding high drain applications. They are known to deliver exceptional performance and long lasting battery output.
  5. Lithium Ion – DieHard has introduced a product; Lithium Ion which is essentially emergency power in the palm of your hand. This can be used as an emergency battery jump starter for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and trucks. Not only that, it can also charge smartphones, laptops and tablets. If you are in the market searching for a lightweight emergency source of power, this is the product made for you. It also comes with 1 year warranty for the peace of mind you really deserve. It also has fully rechargeable backup power.
  6. DieHard Gold Powersport – These batteries are perfect for ATV’s, watercraft, snowmobiles and motorcycles. These provide maximum durability and power to their users. Their excellent sealed design prevents spillage of any kind. This also allows for easy installation in any position. They are also maintenance-free. They are also made to withstand extreme vibration which ensures their maximum conductivity. You will not have to worry about any issues or interruption while working no matter if you have trembling connection.

All these useful functions and capabilities make the diehard battery the most appropriate one for the people who have various appliances and gadgets with their own charging needs through the car battery.

Diehard ensures quality charging, without any interruptions and hence these batteries are dear to every one with a wide range of charging needs.

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